At Asset Engineering, we specialise in steel fabrication, but our passion extends to all aspects of general structural and mechanical engineering. We thrive on crafting innovative solutions and implementing them across diverse industries, enriching projects with our expertise.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, property and infrastructure projects are growing increasingly complex, with a heightened emphasis on sustainable development. Discover how Asset Engineering can meet your needs and exceed your expectations in this dynamic landscape.

Design Engineering
Design Engineering
Design & Engineering
Our engineers and draughtsmen can assist you through this process to ensure we understand your brief or will help you develop your ideas and concepts to allow design progression, bringing them to life. Early involvement with us will ensure our team can provide you with our innovative value engineering approach whether for structural, mechanical or architectural solutions.

With our technical and practical approach we can help you through the challenges of compliance, risk management, design enhancements, buildability, functionality, value engineering and budgeting to produce a solution that works for you.

Architectural design assistance
Our team of designers and draughtsmen are seasoned professionals ready to join you at your table to offer expert assistance with your design needs. With extensive experience spanning construction, production engineering, maintenance, and infrastructure industries, we possess a wealth of knowledge to support you in every aspect of your project, from the minutest details to comprehensive designs and specifications. Our staff consistently undergo training to stay abreast of the latest products and regulations, ensuring we can provide you with innovative and compliant design solutions.

At Asset, we prioritise collaboration, recognising that design is paramount in realising your vision in a feasible and cost-effective manner. Our architectural and engineering designers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you in achieving your goals.

3D Cad design and modeling
Our engineering company specialises in 3D CAD design and modelling services, where we excel in transforming concepts into reality with precision and creativity.

Utilising advanced tools and expertise, we bring your visions to life seamlessly.
From concept development to detailed engineering designs, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure every aspect meets their requirements.

Our process prioritises precision and attention to detail, utilising the latest software and technologies to create highly realistic 3D models. By visualising projects in three dimensions, our service enhances communication, decision-making, and overall project success.

Trust us to deliver exceptional results that propel your project forward.

Engineering PS1's, PS4's & PS3's
Elevate your project with Asset’s expert Engineering PS1’s, PS4’s & PS3’s services.
Ensure compliance and seamless handover with our tailored engineering design solutions.

From conceptualisation to completion, trust Asset to deliver meticulously crafted Producer Statements for both proprietary and bespoke designs.

Let us guide you towards a truly engineered outcome from the outset, guaranteeing regulatory approval and project success.

Fabrication shop drawings
Enhance your fabrication process with our shop drawing services. Our software empowers our drafting team to interpret your plans accurately, crafting fabrication/shop drawings for approval and manufacture.

With 3D fabrication/shop modelling, we optimize efficiencies in our business, streamlining our supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Trust us to maximize the use of materials and resources for the most efficient outcomes.

Value Engineering
Experience the power of Value Engineering with Asset. We understand that even the smallest details can yield significant changes in cost, aesthetics, and longevity.

From design to installation, our systematic approach comprehensively reviews every aspect of your project, including design, specification, materials, functionality, buildability, detailing, fixing design, installation, and ease of maintenance.

By considering every facet of your vision, we deliver the most efficient and economical outcomes tailored to your needs.

Trust Asset to elevate your project to new heights of efficiency and excellence.

Custom Metalwork
Custom Metalwork
Custom Metalwork
The Process
Embark on “The Process” with us. Sit down with our team to delve into your requirements and vision. Understanding your needs fully is paramount, representing our foremost commitment to kickstart the design process.

Whether it’s a simple flashing or a complex fully engineered facade system, we’re here to transform your ideas into reality.

During this phase, we provide indicative budget pricing for your consideration. Upon acceptance, we proceed to develop our 2D & 3D modelling solutions, subject to your approval.

Once you’re satisfied, we finalise a price for your sign-off, initiating the preparation of our working/shop drawings for fabrication. Join us on this journey towards bringing your vision to life seamlessly.

Quality and precision are the cornerstones of our team’s work ethic. Before commencing work on the shop floor, your project will be assigned to one of our project managers.

They will meticulously organise your raw materials and assess the most effective fabrication methodology before passing the working drawings to one of our skilled fabricators.

Throughout its journey in our workshop, your project will undergo continuous monitoring for quality and progress. This ensures that we consistently meet our agreed-upon performance standards and exceed your expectations in delivering the final product.

Guillotine & Press Brake
In line with our commitment to self-sufficiency, we’ve recently invested in cutting-edge guillotine and press brake equipment.

These state-of-the-art machines ensure ultimate precision in preparing your projects, facilitating smooth progression through our workshop and enabling us to handle more in-house projects efficiently.

Our manufacturing staff have undergone comprehensive training in the use of this equipment, ensuring that safety and quality are always prioritized hand in hand.

Protective Coatings/Polish & Brushing
Consult the Asset team for expert advice on the optimal solution to safeguard your project, ensuring longevity and achieving the finest aesthetic.

Our extensive range of coatings and finishes includes: Galvanising, electroplating, anodising, zinc, powder coating, epoxy, polyurethane, paint, ceramic, and wax.

For stainless steel projects, consider our bespoke polishing or brushing service. Should you desire an alternative finish, we’re here to discuss options and provide mock-ups for your approval. Let’s collaborate to enhance and protect your project with precision and finesse.

Throughout our design and drawing phase, we meticulously consider safety, buildability, logistics, and quality aspects expected in your project. Our approach anticipates practical issues and challenges, ensuring safe solutions while maintaining high-quality standards. We operate a robust Quality Management System across all installation phases, each project featuring a tailored Quality Plan identifying appropriate hold/inspection points. This plan includes relevant documentation and photographic evidence, providing a comprehensive record of completed works.

Our installation team comprises carefully selected staff and labor-only subcontractors, all pre-qualified through stringent assessment criteria for skills and safety accreditations. Asset’s own Project and Site Managers supervise all installations, ensuring quality and safety throughout the process.

Structural Seismic
Structural Seismic
Structural & Seismic
The Process
Early engagement is paramount, and our initial involvement typically involves reviewing the design team’s concepts and specifications to grasp the client’s requirements comprehensively. Based on this review (and contingent upon the level of detail provided), we identify key issues requiring further consideration and discussion. These issues encompass compliance, structural detailing, practicality/buildability, alternative solutions, potential enhancements, and value engineering. Subsequently, budget estimates can be developed.

We can provide a contractor’s proposal, potentially incorporating preliminary design specifics and methodologies. Our experience includes participation in numerous projects during the design phase of seismic proposals, where we have offered innovative design and buildability solutions.

Fabrication requires a meticulous approach to accurately replicate intricate plans and shop drawings. Precision is paramount throughout the process, from planning to measurements, ensuring seamless component fitting during installation.

Seismic projects sometimes require a responsive approach to unforeseen circumstances within buildings when areas are exposed.

We eagerly embrace the opportunity to proactively offer solutions to the design team and stakeholders. These solutions can typically be fabricated in-house within tight timeframes.

Protective Coatings
Structural steel relies on protective coatings to ward off corrosion and ensure fire resistance. Different coatings serve these purposes, often achieved through:

1. Preventing elements from initiating corrosion,
2. Actively inhibiting electrochemical reactions,
3. Guiding corrosion away from critical areas.

Our experienced team provides tailored advice on the best coating solution for your project’s needs.


In our design and drawing phase, we meticulously address safety, buildability, logistics, and quality issues expected in your project.

Our approach anticipates practical challenges, ensuring solutions are not only safe but also uphold high quality standards. We implement a robust Quality Management System throughout all installation phases, with each project having a customized Quality Plan.

This plan identifies hold/inspection points and is supplemented with relevant documentation and photographic evidence, ensuring a comprehensive record of completed works.

Our installation team comprises carefully selected staff and labor-only subcontractors, all pre-qualified through stringent assessment criteria to ensure they possess the necessary skills and safety accreditations.

Asset’s own directly employed Project and Site Managers supervise all installations, guaranteeing quality and safety every step of the way.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) stems from a deep understanding of the production facility’s equipment and machinery requirements.

Whether provided by the manufacturer or assessed by Asset, we tailor a maintenance schedule to ensure optimal equipment performance.

This proactive approach minimises downtime and reactive maintenance costs, keeping your equipment in peak condition for uninterrupted operations.

Reactive Maintenance
Our proficient team of maintenance engineers specialises in swiftly addressing your plant and equipment issues with precision and expertise. In urgent breakdown scenarios, restoring operational efficiency is paramount.

Our skilled team is adept at promptly analysing the situation, engaging in productive discussions with you, and offering viable solutions.

These solutions may involve fabricating temporary parts or sourcing suitable replacements to expedite the restoration process seamlessly.

At times, plants and processes encounter unexpected challenges, and uncovering hidden efficiencies often necessitates a fresh perspective.

At Asset, we recognise the significance of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in addressing such issues.

We extend an invitation for a conversation, enabling us to gain insights into your unique needs. Let us collaborate to unlock innovative solutions tailored to your requirements.

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A little preview of the feature window surrounds at the Lake Rd multi unit development in Rotorua for @ilineconstruction ...

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